Michell was born into a family that was unable to care for her. She was abused, neglected and homeless, placed in several foster homes and ultimately lived in an orphanage for three years before finding the support that changed her life.

Despite the difficulties and deprivation in her early life she was a vibrant and positive person, a dedicated student, a loyal friend, a mentor to many and a nucleus for good work.

After completing a degree at Simmons College, Michell pursued a career in sales, advertising and business. In the work world she was a lively presence known for team building and pursuing ambitious goals.

Michell was killed by a drunk driver when she was 39, in the prime of her life, unable to finish the many projects she had undertaken.

As a memorial to her spirit, this small scholarship helps and encourages other students like her, young people who are overcoming serious adversity and have a strong desire to succeed.


Michell’s adoptive mother Marcy Mager started this fund to honor Michell by contributing to the educational dreams of other young people who face great challenges.